M. Night Shyamalan Foundation

M. Night Shyamalan Foundation

The M. Night Shyamalan Foundation supports the grassroots efforts of emerging leaders as they work to eliminate the barriers created by poverty and social injustice in their communities.

The Problem

After a frustrating experience with a previous developer, the team at the M. Night Shyamalan Foundation pulled me in to help get their website ready for Shymaween, their annual Halloween fundraiser.

The Solution

Initially, I worked with the team at MNSF to button the website up and get it ready to accept donations for Shymaween. Once the dust had settled, we worked together to improve the website’s performance and appearance.

The site is built using a completely custom WordPress Theme and Advanced Custom Fields

The most important and significant piece to this web presence is the annual Shymaween event, that accounts for a large amount of the foundations annual donations. Building and maintaining that experience has been a recurring project for us since 2017.

Now, the website is built using Webpack to compile a custom theme and custom plugin that are used to power the site’s functionality. All development is still done locally, and, when updates are required, a new version of the theme and/or plugin is released and uploaded to the website.