Twin Waves Wellness Center

Twin Waves Wellness Center

We welcome you as you are, and help get you to where you want to go.

The Problem

The founders of Twin Waves Wellness reached out to me to create their branding and digital presence. The two co-founders recently started a new chiropractic practice in San Diego and needed to get their name out there in a big way.

The Design

The look and feel of the brand was a collaborative effort between myself and Courtney Mathis. We coordinated colors and typography, while she made the logomark.

The goal for Twin Waves was to make the visitors to their website feel like they’re at a beach. We want people to feel all the positive parts of being near the ocean, without getting sand everywhere.

The end result is a site that feels calming yet bright and informative yet fun.

The Development

This site is built using Gatsby Js with WordPress serving as a headless CMS.

There is an underlying CSS Design system, with the React Component using CSS Modules to tie styles to a specific scope.

The user-facing portion of the website is hosted on Vercel, while the WordPress site is at Digital Ocean. When users make changes, the Frontend is updated via Webhooks.