How To Pick Running Shoes

So, you’re looking for some running shoes. How do pick? Where do you begin? The quick answer: go to a running shoe store. However, if that’s either not an option OR you’d like some tips before you go, here’s what you need to know.

Where are you running?

Whether it’s a trail, track, on the road, or a combination thereof, you’ll want to pick shoes tailored to your training.

How are you running?

Sprints and speed work: A lightweight shoe with a nylon or carbon plate is great.

Long distance: Something with a decent amount of cushion and support will do.

How much are you running?

The padding in your running shoes compresses from running. And that padding, much like you after a long day work, needs time to decompress.

Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to have a second pair of shoes, especially if you’re running on back-to-back days.

It’s also good to have one pair for long runs and one for sprints.

Finally, what brands are best?

Personally, I have a size 9 foot and a wide toe box. Here’s what works and doesn’t work for me…

Brands that work for me…


Both of my current running shoes are Sauconys. I use a pair of Tempus’s for long, easy runs and Endorphin Speed III’s for sprints and speed work.

New Balance

Surprisingly solid shoes. Nothing special though.


When I first go into running, I gravitated towards Brooks. They have a wide variety of shoes for all different modalities. My only gripe with Brooks is that their models can change drastically from one version to another.


A solid shoe for someone like me with big fat feet. Since they have no drop (the height of the heel and toe are the same), they would hurt my feet and ankles if I started running too much, too soon. I also noticed that they wear out fairly quick (around 300 miles).

Brands that don’t work for me…


I’ve tried a few pairs of Nikes and they just don’t jive with me.


I wanted to like these so bad because all the big dogs love ‘em but they squeeze my feet.


I have one pair of Adidas running shoes and they rubbed really uncomfortably against my foot so they’re now my lawn mowing shoes.