Long-winded version

"Hey, Frank, what hardware/software do you use?"

is a question that I imagine people will ask me someday. Therefore, before they even do, I've taken the time to tell you.


I work on an 8ft long adjustable hardwood workbench, using a super-charged 2021, 16in MacBook Pro sitting atop a Rain Design mStand. That MBP is connected a CalDigit TS3, which serves as a hub for my mouse, keyboard, and two external monitors held up by a freestanding dual monitor mount.


Let’s start with note-taking: I started with Evernote, then moved to Bear before finally settling on Notion. I love Notion’s flexibility, and how frequently updates are made to the software.

I divide tasks and to-do’s into two distinct categories. There are habits, which are recurring tasks that are intended to improve my life in some way. Then there are tasks, which are simply things that I either must/should/could do either now, or at some time in the future. As such, I use two apps for tracking each.

I use Habitify for tracking habits. The interface is clean, and the user experience has been rocky at times, but has improved in recent times.

For tasks, I use the Things App… most of the time. Sometimes I’ll fall back to just using pen and paper, using Todoist or sometimes even Trello. However, I always find myself coming back to Things. I just wish the app would get some more updates, and it had some better features around date-setting, reminders and task description formatting.



Software / Apps

  • Habitify — For developing and maintaining habits
  • Notion — For note taking, AND providing data for this website
  • Things App — For todo tracking