"Hey, Frank, what hardware/software do you use?" is a question that I imagine people will ask me someday. Therefore, before they even do, I've taken the time to tell you.

TL;DR Version


Software & Apps



My Hardware

2019 MacBook Pro


  • Powerful enough to handle whatever I throw at it
  • Portable enough to take anywhere


  • It only has 256GB of Storage, which is not enough. I should have splurged on the memory and I'd encourage anyone else to get at least 1TB
  • It's a little buggy. I've found it to be full of little issues from the trackpad/keyboard taking an extra minute to fire up to taking a while to start up

Sandisk External Drive

This is great at compensating for the lack of memory on the computer. But I'd recommend buying something with more storage like the Samsung T5.

Spacegray Apple Keyboard

This is totally frivolous and unnecessary, but I love it.

Logitech Anywhere Mouse

This mouse works 90% of the time. I have noticed occasional bugginess depending on where the receiver for it is and its battery level.

Dell Ultra HD 4k Monitor

This monitor is dope. The version I have is a few years old, so I'd recommend getting the newer model

Vava USB Hub

If you own a MacBook Pro with USB-C Hubs only, you have to have this.

My Software & Apps

Things App

The Things App from Cultured Code is what I use to keep track of all my ongoing projects. I have each freelance client in their own Area, with their respective projects listed under that area. It was a little pricey but it's a one-time purchase which drew me in.


I use Habitify to track my habits for each that I'd like to accomplish. I keep things like reading a certain number of pages, taking vitamins, and journaling in here to make sure I don't forget about them.

Google Drive

Google Docs are life. They're by far the easiest way to create and share documents with clients


The Notion App is my personal Wiki, Client Database, and so much more. I keep everything in there that doesn't fit in my brain.


I used Wave to bill clients because it's free. For personal finances, I keep a Google Spreadsheet with my weekly spending, among other things to keep from recklessly blowing my money on beyblades.

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